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About Hamilton Waterproofing

Being a branch of A&A Masonry, Hamilton Waterproofing works strictly in the Hamilton area and has for years.

Working in the area over years we have gotten to know the unique foundation and waterproofing demands Hamilton presents.

Being long-time professionals in all things concrete & brick, we fully understand concrete, which most foundations are made of. That being said we know why they erode, why they crack and eventually why foundations leak. We also know how to do professional foundation repair to fix those problems.

We are not plumbers or a franchise and we don’t use any one proprietary waterproofing system. We believe each homeowner’s situation is unique and might need something a proprietary waterproofing system might not handle.

We also found that if we used a proprietary system and the problem was not that great, the homeowner ended up spending a lot more money to get the system put in when they didn’t have to.

We have top-notch, fully trained staff with years of experience in waterproofing and foundation repair.

We specialize in customer satisfaction. Our team is also carefully picked so we only employ people who take pride in our work and there is always an experienced supervisor on site at all times of operation.

We fully assess the problem and use the tools that ultimately fix the problem for our customer. We use top grade materials and don’t cut corners. Our motto is we always “deliver what we promise”.


Customer Satifaction

Our goal has always been customer satisfaction. This is achieved by:

Always ensuring proper communication with our customer is achieved.

Professional workmanship, which is achieved by having fully trained crews who take pride in doing a job right.

And finally “always deliver what we promise”

We hope to be of service to you soon!

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